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Below is just a collection of thoughts and studies that I’ve done on my spare time. In no way are they suppose to be cohesive posts, most of them are probably just covering a single concept.

07/24/2020 BIOS Programming in VirtualBox

06/25/2020 Simple audio re-sample and re-channel

05/15/2020 Ray Tracing With Cuda

04/26/2020: Basic Cross Platform ncurses

03/26/2020: Brent’s C Programming Rules

02/29/2020: Android NDK, JAR files, JNI, and Visual Studio

12/05/2019: Writing a 6502 Assembler

12/03/2019: Drawing characters to screen on Commander X16 using 6502 Assembly

12/01/2019: Commander X16 hello world 6502 Assembly

11/29/2019: x64 Assembly & OpenGL

11/27/2019: x64 Assembly

11/25/2019: Object oriented design patterns

Only poor craftsmen blame their tools